Jess McAvoy

It’s all about connection.

“Hey , do you wanna know?
Do you wanna know what’s on my mind?
I do, I think about you and how we end up on the same page but never eye to eye.”

– Jess McAvoy, Curious

Australian-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer Jess McAvoy takes a departure from her 13-album, 22-year spanning pop/folk singer/songwriter guitar and vocal palette with curious— a dark pop synth heavy beat-scape that questions a world in which people are losing the art of inquisitive face to face conversation.

Written and performed by Jess McAvoy and produced by McAvoy and Melbourne-based long time collaborator Joel Taylor, Curious creates a soundscape that urges the listener to meet the darkness halfway.

Curious is a standalone single, available through iTunes, Spotify, and all of the usual streaming outlets.

“How would I know, if you won’t talk to me?”