Jess McAvoy

Currently living a gypsy lifestyle, Jess McAvoy has spent the better part of the last 15 years as a professional singer/songwriter and performer. The self managed entertainer has built her brand from the ground up, and co-ordinated most of her multi faceted career on her own. She is also an established visual artist, a journalist, and as of recent times, an actor. She is currently working on material for her new musical project, and deciding what to do with many others.

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Contemplating easter.

Easter Sunday. Unexpectedly, I have space to think. Space to think means space to write. Something has moved in me. I was…

The Shoulds.

This past Monday I got fired from a café job. The fairly flimsy feedback was that I was “Not a good fit…

New Painting

So I put together a painting over the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy. MELBOURNE!!! Silent auction for this piece starts…

To The Newest Person I Know.

Dear Oliver. You came into the world today, though I talked to you through your mama’s tummy yesterday and the day before.…


I’ve been spending some time with cousins and nieces and nephews lately. It’s pretty rad, and it brings up all kinds of…

I was borrrrn by a river…

Perth. I’ll tell you what, in these past few weeks I have gathered a sense of grounding that I can’t remember ever…

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The Sailor -  Featuring Gotye

Filmed at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne in June of 2011.


Visual Resumé