Jess McAvoy

Currently living a gypsy lifestyle, Jess McAvoy has spent the better part of the last 15 years as a professional singer/songwriter and performer. The self managed entertainer has built her brand from the ground up, and co-ordinated most of her multi faceted career on her own. She is also an established visual artist, a journalist, and as of recent times, an actor. She is currently working on material for her new musical project, and deciding what to do with many others.

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The Honeypot

Welcome, Friend- to a safe space where you can come with me on my journey into an entirely new part of my career. Away from Facebook and the general public I can be myself without being self conscious. See this I am taking a leap where I have not been brave enough to leap before. I am trusting the Universe, and I am making the huge move to New York City. In my humble opinion, New York is the Mecca of modern western Art and Culture.

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New Episode of JESMAQ the MOVIE coming!

in two days a whole new stack of songs, and a whole new episode of jesmaq the movie!

I Had A Shitty Experience , And All I Got Was A Shitty T shirt.

Upon arrival to the apartment, I paused for a moment. I am about to go into an apartment with a man I met on a bridge. I don’t know this guy, no one knows where I am, but again, I checked my feelings, assessed what possible weapons I have on me and decided to go in.


Filmed by Lee Gingold on a rooftop in Brooklyn at the beginning of fall, 2014. Written by Jess McAvoy in Brooklyn, two…

The L train past midnight.

The L train turned up right when I hit the exact spot on the platform. These things run 20 minutes apart this…

It’s a New Dawn, it’s a New Day…

Yesterday I moved back into the place I first lived at when I got to Brooklyn in August. That sentence makes me…

These poor, poor people.

I’m house sitting in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn- if not the most. The flat and location are gorgeous.…

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The Sailor -  Featuring Gotye

Filmed at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne in June of 2011.


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